ADAM Audio SP-5 Studio Pro Headphones

TEC Award
Best Studio Headphone
Professional Audio
Excellence Award
Excellence Award

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The ADAM Audio STUDIO PRO SP-5 is a premium-quality, circumaural closed-back headphone designed for professional use. Its balanced and dynamic response makes it a powerful monitoring tool for production and mixing, whether in the studio or with a mobile setup. The SP-5 has been developed and produced in cooperation with the Bavarian headphone manufacturer Ultrasone.

Adam Audio Studio Headphones SP5 Black

The ADAM Audio SP-5 headphones were engineered with a specific goal in mind, to provide professional musicians, producers, and sound engineers with a portable monitoring tool that rivals the capabilities of ADAM Audio studio monitors in terms of sonic quality and expressiveness. A consistent stream of first-class reviews from the international trade press, as well as enthusiastic users, confirm that we have achieved our ambitious goals with the SP-5.

Adam Audio 5 Years Warranty

All ADAM Audio products come with a 2-year warranty with optional extension to 5 years with the registration of your product on ADAM Audio’s website in the MyADAM user section.

DesignClosed back, circumaural dynamic headphone
Detachable CableYes
Transducer Ø 40 mm (gold plated)
Frequency Response 8 Hz - 38 kHz
Sensitivity @ 1 mW per ear95 dB
Impedance70 Ohm
Weight0.64 lbs (0.29 kg)


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